IT Project Management

Complete your IT projects quickly and efficiently by streamlining your business processes to reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks.

By working with a dedicated and experienced IT project manager, you can increase business productivity by automating manual processes and investing in optimal tools and resources. In addition, IT project management can facilitate communication and collaboration among team members by allowing them to work together more effectively.

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Improved Efficiency

IT projects can streamline business processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks.

ICCS Smart Office & Home Technologies

Increased Productivity

By automating manual processes and providing better tools and resources, IT projects can help employees be more productive.

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Enhanced Collaboration

IT projects can facilitate communication and collaboration among team members, allowing them to work together more effectively.

What is IT Project Management?

IT project management involves planning, coordinating and developing tasks and responsibilities to achieve an organization’s specific IT objectives. Handled by a designated project manager this person is responsible for overseeing the project’s spec and evolution, respecting milestones and ensuring deliverables. IT project management is divided into phases and milestones, where adjustments and revisions are made when necessary. Stages of the IT project management cycle include:

  • Planning: Developing a plan for how the project will be executed, including identifying and sequencing activities, estimating resources and time, and defining deliverables.

  • Scope management: Defining and controlling the project’s boundaries, including determining what will and will not be included in the project.

  • Time management: Establishing and adhering to a schedule for completing the project, including identifying and estimating the duration of activities, determining dependencies between tasks, and tracking progress.
  • IT Project Management​
    IT Project Management​

    Outsourcing IT Projects​

    Organizations might need help to assemble an internal team of professionals to handle complex IT projects. Whether it be due to employees lacking the proper tools and know-how or due to internal financial restrictions, outsourcing IT projects to external vendors or contractors with years of experience can provide organizations with the flexibility they require.  Outsourcing IT projects is a great way to get the skilled professionals required to maintain focus on business functions, all on a cost savings budget.  

    Planning IT Projects

    Every IT project benefits from a well-laid-out road map that defines the project scope and objectives. In this phase, stakeholders get a view of what the project entails, where it’s going and how much it will cost. Some of the fundamentals of planning IT projects include the project’s schedule and timeline, budget needs, performance metrics, resources available and actions for managing project risks.

    From planning, organizing, and coordinating your IT systems to executing and working with an experienced IT project manager, ICCS will keep your project on track to get to your deliverables and ensure its success. Speak with a member of our team and get a customized solution for your business needs

    IT Project Management​

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