IT Assessment Services

Make better business decisions by getting a professional IT assessment of your IT services and solutions. 

Improve efficiencies and reduce risks within your IT ecosystem with the help of professional IT assessment experts. IT assessments offer valuable insights and solutions into areas where your organization’s IT infrastructure, processes, and policies may need to be updated to be more effective.

In addition, a thorough assessment can identify vulnerabilities within your organization’s IT systems and deliver recommended measures to strengthen security and protect against potential threats. A robust IT assessment can help reduce operating costs and help your organization reach its business goals by identifying and addressing inefficiencies in your infrastructure.

Improvement Audit

An IT assessment can help identify areas where the organization's IT infrastructure, processes, and policies may be outdated or ineffective, and recommend solutions for improvement.

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Reducing Costs

By identifying and addressing inefficiencies in the IT infrastructure, an IT assessment can help reduce operating costs and improve the organization's bottom line.

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Improving Security

An IT assessment can identify vulnerabilities in the organization's IT systems and recommend measures to strengthen security and protect against potential threats.

What is an IT Assessment?

An IT assessment pinpoints a company’s existing process, infrastructure’s strength, weaknesses, and suggests methods to boost efficiency, productivity, and security. Conducting an IT assessment requires engagement from stakeholders and decision-makers to define the scope and objectives to gather and analyze data on the current state of the existing IT environment.

IT Assessment services nyc

What is an IT Risk Assessment?

With the rise of cyber-attacks and ransomware, identifying potential risks to an organization’s information technology systems and infrastructure is essential. Performing a risk assessment identifies potential risks an organization’s systems and infrastructure would face if a cyber-attack were to occur. Through careful evaluation, IT risk assessment experts can determine the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks and implement appropriate measures to mitigate them.

What is an IT Security Assessment?

An IT security assessment evaluates potential security vulnerabilities and risks in an organization’s IT infrastructure to determine how to improve the system’s vulnerabilities.

Penetration tests, or simulated cyber-attacks, against systems are performed to check for vulnerabilities and assess security gaps and the effectiveness of their security measures. Management can then work on improving the security posture of an organization’s systems, networks, and devices.

IT Assessment services nyc

Get an IT Assessment for your Business

IT Assessment services nyc

Knowing something is wrong with your IT solutions is unnerving when your IT knowledge is limited. We understand that IT technologies can be challenging to select, diagnose and fix.

At ICCS, we provide various services to evaluate the efficiency of your current technologies and identify potential security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and systems. With our IT assessment service for businesses, we’ll identify the gaps in your security and address them before they can cause any damage.

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