Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Implement a digital forensics and incident response plan to protect your organization from cyberattacks, 

A fast and robust digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) plan is necessary to effectively combat threats from data breaches or ransomware attacks.

Having a DFIR plan allows your organization to investigate and understand the cause of security breaches and incidents and to respond quickly to minimize their impact on your business operations and objectives.

Through valuable insights and intelligence, having a DFIR improves your organization’s defense and prepares you for future attacks. By combining forensics expertise with incident response services, you can manage the growing complexities of modern cybersecurity attacks and protect your data from malicious incidents.

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Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) investigates and understands the cause of security breaches or incidents.

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DFIR allows organizations to respond quickly to incidents and minimize their impact.

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DFIR provides valuable insights and intelligence about cyber threats, which can be used to improve an organization's defenses and prepare for future attacks.

What is digital forensics and incident response (DFIR)?

DFIR is a cybersecurity practice that involves detecting, investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Digital forensics involves collecting, preserving, and analyzing data from various users, systems and hardware and presenting this digital forensic evidence in the incidence response in a legally admissible manner. On the other hand, an incident response involves containing, preventing and recovering from the impact of a security incident or breach.

When combined, a DFIR plan gets a business back up and running while it handles security vulnerabilities, which it then presents as evidence to identify and charge those who unleashed the cyberattack.

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Digital Forensics Services

With cyberattacks becoming more common, organizations are turning towards digital forensic analysis services to gather electronic evidence and present it in a court of law by utilizing forensic tools and techniques to extract and analyze data from digital devices. Analysts that provide digital forensic services are also proficient in data recovery, malware analysis and digital device examination.

Cyber security & IT Incident Response

Incident response is a structured process used to identify an incident. It allows organizations to recognize and report a cyber security incident based on specific indicators of an attack, such as unusual network activity or unauthorized access to data. Once a threat has been identified, the response plan is activated, enabling a timely response and identifying key players that will be involved in the analysis, containment and recovery of the threat. To contain the incident, key players will implement measures to stop the attack and prevent it from spreading, including disconnecting affected systems from the network, activating firewalls, and shutting down servers.

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Incident Response Plan

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An incident response plan is a document that a cybersecurity team can use to identify, assess, eliminate and recover from potential cybersecurity threats and is part of an organization’s incident response program.

Security experts develop and implement response strategies to help teams respond quickly against external threats. They are necessary to minimize damage from incidents, such as data loss and public trust. An incident response plan should be reviewed and updated regularly with more effective response strategies.

If you need to implement a digital forensic and incident response plan, ICCS can assist you. With our certified security experts, we can help you implement a response plan to minimize damage and provide valuable insights to mitigate future attacks. Through mutual collaboration and effective communication, we work within your timeframe to provide responsive and actionable results. Contact us today.

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