Cyber Security Services​

Cybersecurity threats are a concern for organizations of all sizes across the globe, and the risk of becoming a target is at an all-time high. Companies that fail to implement the proper security measures can face compliance violations, loss of revenue and have to deal with a damaged reputation.

Protect your organization against cyberattacks and other malicious ware to reduce downtime, and safeguard sensitive data. ICCS provides small and medium-sized businesses in New York City with customized cybersecurity management solutions to monitor and control cyber threats before they strike to give your organization peace of mind 24/7.

We provide comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions so your in-house IT team can focus on what they do best while we secure and manage your cyber risk. Through effective implementation and risk management, our trained specialists will assess your technological ecosystems to ensure reliability, expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and take strategic measures to maximize security and prevent your organization from falling victim to an attack.


Comprehensive managed cyber security solution with compliance at its core to secure your organization from cyber threats.


Cyber awareness and training programs to educate employees on the importance of cyber security and reduce the risk of human error.


In-depth cyber security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implement best practices for security.

BCDR Services

Backup and disaster recovery (BCDR) services to ensure seamless continuity of business operations in case of a crisis.

Rapid Response

Rapid incident response and forensics to minimize damage and investigate the root cause of a breach.

Threat Detection

Advanced endpoint threat detection and response capabilities to quickly identify and mitigate cyber attacks.

Our Cyber Security Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery NYC

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Losing data during a server failure can severely impact a company’s bottom line. This is especially true if no backup and recovery plans have been implemented.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training services nyc

Cyber Awareness & Training

Reduce downtown time and increase productivity by getting your workforce involved in our comprehensive cyber awareness & training program.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training services nyc

Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

With the ability to detect and respond to threats in real-time, endpoint threat detection and response systems can quickly and effectively neutralize any potential threats before they cause damage.

Take the next step with ICCS’s white Glove IT services. Outsourced IT services tailored to your business, as an extension of your business.