Comprehensive Cyber Awareness & Training

Reduce downtown time and increase productivity by getting your workforce involved in our comprehensive cyber awareness & training program. Nowadays, most security breaches organizations face are caused by human error, and end-users are becoming the primary targets of cyber-attacks.

If your company handles sensitive information, you need to ensure you are not in regulatory compliance violations. Mishandling of records can negatively impact your business and your reputation.

With the proper cyber awareness training, you can help your workforce better understand various cyber threats and the necessary steps to take to protect themselves and improve your organization’s overall security. 

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What is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

An effective cybersecurity awareness program involves hands-on exercises or simulations to teach employees how to detect and respond to cyber threats. These sessions allow your staff to understand their actions’ impact and their role in protecting your organization’s data.

While cybersecurity awareness training is mandatory to maintain compliance with regulations or industry standards, it also keeps your business running and secures your data. This will ultimately motivate and increase your employee’s productivity and efficiency, as it will avoid downtime and loss of business.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training services nyc

Cyber Awareness Training Best Practices

Cybersecurity Awareness Training services nyc

Cybersecurity awareness training is designed to educate employees about cybersecurity issues, phishing attacks and how to protect themselves from these security threats. 

Some of the best practices employees will learn include: 

  • Password Management: Learning the importance of creating strong, unique passwords to protect their data and never sharing them with others. 
  • Phishing attacks: Learning how to spot the different types of phishing attacks and how to report them as soon as they have been targeted. 
  • Data Protection: Explaining the importance of protecting sensitive company and customer data and how to handle data responsibly to create a more secure workforce.
  • Incident Response: Teaching employees how to recognize and report a cyber incident, as outlined in the company’s incident response plan.

The more your employees know, the better equipped they will be when facing cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

Training employees is different from training cybersecurity experts who already have a good foundation on the topic. Employee training programs must be engaging and communicated, so everyone will understand. Through hands-on exercises and team collaboration, some of the takeaways participants will get include

  • How to identify and avoid online threats
  • Learn to safeguard personal and sensitive information from unauthorized users
  • How to use company devices and networks securely to prevent hackers from infiltrating 
  • How to identify and report potential threats to better protect business data
  • Procedure to report potential threats
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Cybersecurity Awareness Training services nyc

ICCS Training Program

ICCS’ cyber training awareness program can make your employees your first line of defense against cyber threats and malware. Our program covers the most relevant topics, including raising awareness of online threats and risks, internet safety, and password security.

If you want to learn the best practices to safeguard company information and improve your online security, ICCS has the right program adapted to your company’s needs. Contact us today!

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