Cabling & Audio/Visual Systems Installation

Whether you’re preparing to host an important business meeting or moving location and trying to configure your devices to your network, you must ensure your setup is executed correctly. Proper cabling guarantees that all your equipment is safely installed and prevents a lack of productivity due to system failures.

cabling & audio/visual systems nyc
cabling & audio/visual systems nyc
cabling & audio/visual systems nyc
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New office build outs require low voltage cabling and AV Systems. It is important to wire correctly for this the first time around.

one stop shop Managed IT Services


AV Systems are important when it comes to giving presentations / hosting meetings and needs to be planned out to have the correct equipment in place.

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Cabling is the first step to making sure your office and employees are able to work efficiently.

Network Cabling Services: A/V System Installations

Properly installed structured cabling is a vital component in ensuring the functioning of your company’s IT infrastructure and audio/visual systems. In addition, most new office build outs require low-voltage cabling to connect AV systems to a network. As a result, special cables are needed to ensure you’re getting maximum productivity from your infrastructure.

While it might be tempting to do the installation yourself, network cabling wiring needs to be adequately tested and labeled correctly to avoid troubleshooting issues in the future.

Cabling & Audio/Visual Systems NYC
Cabling & Audio/Visual Systems NYC

Your Experienced Network Cabling Provider

With years of experience in the industry, ICCS has developed its own team of experts specialized in structured cabling installation to ensure the success of your business. Unlike other IT companies who outsource these important tasks to subcontractors, we deliver reliable and fast cabling solutions to provide you with a stable and high-performing network foundation.

Installation of LAN Cables

For maximum network performance, the type of data cable installed matters. To connect your devices to your network, ICCS installs LAN cables, specifically Cat6e. Cat6e possesses a higher bandwidth and can process more data unlike Cat5 which other providers use. Based on your company’s needs, we will install the appropriate cables that will be able to support your network infrastructure.

Cabling & Audio/Visual Systems NYC

Audio/Visual Consultants

Cabling & Audio/Visual Systems NYC

AV Systems play an essential part in the operations of your business. They allow you to give presentations and host meetings to ensure smooth collaboration. As an experienced audio/visual supplier, our team of experts will assess your current setup and evaluate your business challenges and future goals, and help accommodate and install the appropriate technologies to ensure your business success. 

ICCS provides an extensive range of audio/visual product solutions, such as

o   Control4

o   SnapOne 

o   Logitech

Take the next step with ICCS’s white Glove IT services. Outsourced IT services tailored to your business, as an extension of your business.