Access Control & Video Surveillance

The presence of video surveillance and access control systems are crucial tools to help you gain visibility into what is happening in the workplace. They monitor the presence of individuals and activities happening within your facilities and are an effective way to secure your premise.

Video surveillance cameras can safeguard your company’s data by recording all activities as they happen, therefore acting as a deterrent to potential offenders.

Access control tools keep track of who comes and goes and eliminate the use of old technologies, such as traditional keys. Instead, replacing them with key cards along with disabling options for individuals who no longer require premise access.

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Access Control increases ease of access for employees, keeps track of who comes and goes, gets rid of traditional keys and can disable key cards based on employees leaving.

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Security surveillance is crucial to help gain visibility into what is going on in your business.

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Surveillance cameras can protect companies by having everything recorded as well as acting as a deterrent to potential threats.

Advantages of Installing a Video Surveillance Camera System

Installing a video surveillance camera system allows you to monitor events in real-time and effectively deter theft or intrusions and limit liabilities.

Boost Productivity

Boost your staff’s productivity by installing video surveillance systems to observe their activities to ensure they stay motivated and productive.

Prevent and Reduce Theft & Crimes

Placing security cameras in visible areas around your business works as a deterrence for people looking to commit acts of violence, break-ins, and other crimes.

Increased Sense of Security

Provide you and your employees with peace of mind by protecting your establishment from harassment or theft. With the flexibility of installing them at points of exits or near server rooms, you’ll be sure that your surveillance system captures everything as it happens.

Monitor your business 24/7

Monitor your business 24/7 onsite or remotely from anywhere in the world using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Access & Video Surveillance Services

Professional Video Surveillance System Installers

Access & Video Surveillance Services

Installing a video surveillance system can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we have the tools and know-how to install a surveillance system to keep your organization safe. Our installation experts will run wires to the exact camera location and handle the installation and configuration process, so you can access, view, and store surveillance video at your convenience. 

Benefits of Installing a PoE Video Surveillance System

A PoE (Power over Ethernet) video surveillance system offers several benefits. These systems use cameras that receive both power and data over an Ethernet cable, and are connected through an IP address. This means that there is no need for separate power outlets, and the connection is secure. The cameras transmit high-definition images, and offer the option for long-term storage. This allows for convenient remote access to notifications and recorded footage at any time and from any location.

Access & Video Surveillance Services

Door Access Control Systems

Access & Video Surveillance Services
Control the comings and goings at your company by granting commercial access to ensure only authorized users are allowed entry. With the option of activating card readers, phone applications and fingerprint scanners, use the latest technologies to secure your premise from intruders and unauthorized individuals.

Commercial Access Control Gate systems

Whether you’re looking to control public access or vehicle entry to your facilities, installing an access control gate system will allow you to monitor and grant admission to designated visitors and employees.

Our professional technicians can help you install the most appropriate access control and video surveillance system to minimize security threats and keep your premise safe from theft and vandalism.

Commercial Access Control Gate systems​

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